The fact, that ABB, perhaps the largest company in the field of constructions and supplies of conventional electrical equipment of medium and low voltage and KNX devices (BUS system), chose us for the planning of its new building, was a really great honor for us.
In the ABB 4-storey-building of offices and warehouses with an area of 15.000 m², we focused our attention to lighting. Our goal was to provide excellent lighting conditions for the employees, aided by the electrically motorized louvers which are set around, and to achieve the maximum possible cost-effectiveness in electrical consumption.
Lastly, we supplemented the intelligent technology of the building with motion sensors in the corridors and auxiliary rooms, as well as in the meeting rooms, where they are flexibly integrated in the setting of a lighting scenario and the projector systems.
The project was completed in 15 days fully supported at an infrastructure level by the construction company.