Probably the largest and most beautiful sports center of tennis in Northern Greece opened its doors on December of 2012. The sports center extends to more than 20.000 square meters. It consists of 5 stand alone clay courts, 2 carpet courts, 100m2 gym, clubhouse, cafe-bar, restaurant, children area, open pool, 2000m2 area for special events. All the lighting system of all the courts and the public areas as well as the watering of the clay courts are controlled and superintended by special touch screen monitors via KNX system which was installed and programmed by our KNX partner, Sotirios Gratzios. We created a special enviroment of visualization of all the functions of the KNX system so that any authorized person can interact with the system and program time schedules or scenes even far away of the center, using a regular pc, a smartphone or tablet.