Renovation of KOTSOVOLOS store in Volos

We undertook one more renovation, which we implemented in another store of the KOTSOVOLOS group in the city of Volos.
The two-storey store did not stay closed all day long, while at the same time all works were carried out in rapid and safe pace, so much for the customers as for the workforce. The result was impressive!

Construction of KOTSOVOLOS store in Larissa

The company "D.S.G.I. SOUTH EAST EUROPE S.A." added one more KOTSOVOLOS store in its chain and entrusted us with its construction, thus continuing our year-long and successful collaboration.
The construction of the new store located in the trade park FORUM in the city of Larissa was completed in record time, only 35 days after the delivery of the “cold shell” of 2.500 m2. Its special characteristic is the metallic substructure constructed for the support of the sign plate with the client’s trade name, of 155 m2, which is visible from the highway!