A truly large scale project that was completed in 40 days and changed the status in constructing electrical appliances stores.

Having applied all requirements of D.S.G.I. SOUTH EAST EUROPE S.A. Company and all hygiene and safety rules in force, we have constructed an “intelligent” store of 3.500 m² by using the BUS system. Point of reference is the TV room, where more of 350 television sets of different sizes and possibilities operate at the same time, as well as the uniform lighting and the air-conditioning system that gives a unified sense to the space, where hot and cold zones co-exist with great deviations.

Moreover, the store has been equipped with the most advanced security systems, fire extinguishing and fire detection networks, closed-circuit TV system, emergency exits, and a parking with a total area of about 0.5 hectares following all security rules.

In February 2010 we undertook the renovation of the store, in order to highlight new products and new technological applications.