In GMP, our priority is to suggest solutions that conform to modern constructional requirements, meet all technical standards, are unique and last in time. All our projects, of small or large scale, stand out for the quality of construction, serve everyday human needs and respect the environment. Because we consider construction to be an art, the art of well constructing...

Trying to achieve the best result, at any stage before and after the completion of a project, we follow specific procedures and control checks that guarantee the proper and safe implementation of a project within a specific timetable and budget.

Carrying out a project

  • Project planning of electromechanical installations and building applications
  • Pre-costing – project bid
  • Project timetable
  • Drafting of a work agreement
  • Drafting of a Health and Safety Plan (SAY) and a Health and Safety File (FAY)
  • Drafting of the project’s calendar and safety measures’ calendar.
  • Project construction – supervision on-site
  • Drafting "as built" plan