GMP Partners Newsletter

New intelligent software

Aiming at keeping up with the global evolutions also in the field of automation systems, we acquired the new software of the BUS system, ETS4.0.
We implemented visualization applications in Java interface as well as system visualization applications through I-phone cell at minimum cost for the client.

Architectural and electrical and mechanical engineering design for the company HELLENIC FLOGA S.A.

The company "HELLENIC FLOGA S.A." proceeding to the expansion of its store chain, assigned us the architectural and electrical and mechanical engineering application design for its two new stores, SPORT 2000 and ADIDAS. These stores will operate in the new trade mall FLAMINGO, which is being constructed on the east entrance to the city of Xanthi.

Design of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Installations for the companies ASTOR HELLAS & INOBA

Based on two new designs for the application of electrical and mechanical engineering installations, we extend the successful course of our company in the field of designs. Our first design involves a unit-plant of informatics systems assembly for the company ASTOR HELLAS S.A. in Pylaia, Thessaloniki, whereas our second was carried out in a handicraft building complex of digital printing, handicraft establishment spaces and offices for the company ΙΝΟΒΑ S.A. in Thermi, Thessaloniki.


Aiming at being competitive in the sector of public works as well, in GMP we proceeded to the upgrading of our contractor degrees, thus being able to participate in calls for tenders with electrical and mechanical engineering degrees Α2 and 1st class.

Construction of ILIOS store

We also implemented the third store of the company ILIOS S.A. in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki. The store stands out for its exquisite lighting, which especially brings out all the company products.